EMN- Stars & Stripes: Daytona Super Speedway /8 Laps

Hello guys,

Today, I will be telling you how to make EMN, or, Easy Money Now. EMN might not get you a ton of money, but is sure to get you a good amount of money, with out any experience.

Today, I’ll show you how to make 179,000 Cr. per 1st place win.

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Update (2.02)

Hello everyone,

the new update includes:

  • Introducing the new Car Pack 2 DLC
  • Wheels can now be changed on Standard cars
  • Downloadable contents can now be shared by multiple users with the Family Upgrade
  • Cars purchased through DLC will now appear in the Car Dealerships
  • A copy feature has been added to the setting sheets
  • Toyota 86 GT ’12 – a gift for all
  • Free coupons for GT Auto

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Gran Turismo 5 Help

Evening GT5 fans,

I’m LEW. I have been playing GT games for a little time now, and believe it is the best racing game you can get. A year ago, the newest GT game came out, named Gran Turismo 5.
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